Agreed Upon Audit Procedures

Using our audit experience we help business owners ensure their accounts have been prepared in line with accounting principles.


Agreed upon audit procedures simply refers to a set of substantive tests that are agreed upon between you and us. These substantive tests will be undertaken on the agreed accounts in order to give you confidence that those accounts have been recorded in line with accounting principles.


We work with businesses directly with agreed upon audit procedures.

We also offer our agreed upon audit procedures to audit firms on a white-label basis.

It is particularly useful to have these substantive audit tests done for you if you are:

  • A business owner that does not have their business's accounts audited at year-end; or

  • A business owner that does not have a dedicated finance manager/function nor personal accounting experience; or

  • An accountancy practice that would like to lighten their load on an audit engagement using ex-Big4 accountants at a cost effective price. 

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We are very experienced in providing the agreed audit substantive tests effectively and efficiently, including those for

  • Revenue testing procedures

  • Asset verification procedures

  • Impairment testing

  • Stock reviews

  • Debtors circularisation

  • Balance sheet items audit procedures

  • P&L items audit procedures 

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