Business Planning

Thinking of starting a new business? Over 60% of small businesses cease operations within the first three years of starting. 

Business planning is a must.


There are key questions that every potential business owner should ask themselves before starting their new business:


​?? Do you have a thorough understanding of how your business will operate?


​ ?? Have you researched the industry to determine if there is a need for your product?

?? Have you quantified and planned for the cash that is required to start  and grow the business?  


?? What is the ultimate purpose of the business, and where do you want to see it in three years time?

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It takes time to prepare a business plan because these questions need to be answered thoroughly and with confidence.

A typical business plan should include: 

  • business profile

  • vision, mission and goals

  • market research

  • operational strategy

  • products and/or services

  • marketing plan

  • financial strategy.


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We can prepare for you a business plan that is commercially feasible and provides a strong foundation for you to start turning your ideas into a reality. 

We have helped prepare business plans for existing businesses and new businesses. 

Our clients include HR tech industry, fitness industry, and furniture manufacturing industry.