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Samuel & Sonz provides professional business valuation services in Sydney, NSW

We have done extensive valuations work, including business valuations and support to recognise accounts in line with accounting standards


What should I expect when doing a business valuation?

​Determining a reliable valuation requires more than just strong accounting knowledge. It requires professional judgement and discretion. Contrary to common belief, it is not about 'getting to a number'. The consequences of an unreliable business valuation could mean paying too much in a transaction, selling for too low, shareholder conflicts and disputes, legal cases (and the associated costs) and failed start-ups. 

Getting around this means engaging with a valuations advisor that takes a structured approach, provides clear rationale behind assumptions, displays sound judgement, and considers more than one valuation methodology. They  undertake their work with a deep understanding of your business's operating model and the industry in which it operates; deriving a reliable valuation estimate from which key decisions can be made with confidence. Be wary of those that emphasise a speedy turnaround or quick 'back of the hand' answers. You could be leaving large sums of money on the table. 

From a local café chain, to a large listed telecommunications company - our valuations have enabled businesses to be bought, sold, or restructured; accounts to be properly recognised; and capex projects to be approved & implemented successfully. 


"I was very happy with the professional valuation services provided. Samuel & Sonz was very professional and we received prompt and good services."

- Business Broker, Sydney

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Business Valuation Scenarios

Many situations require a valuation to be done. These are some of the scenarios that we have come across, which we can group into three categories:

Business Valuations and Accounting Services Sydney

1. Business valuations

2. Valuations for accounting 

3. Capital expenditure (capex) investment cases

Industries We Help

Our experience providing independent valuations has covered a broad range of industries including:







Healthcare & Medical

Mortgage Broking

Automotive mechanics



IT Services

SaaS Businesses


Financial Services

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